20th Year in RE

Greetings friends, Ron Schwolsky, with Century 21 Real Estate here...  20 years ago, On February 22, 1999, I became a licensed realtor in California.  In honor of this Anniversary, I’m making this video.

First of all, I'd like to take a brief moment to thank all of my clients who have entrusted me over the years.   Together, we’ve built a history of exceptional relationships.  There have been many who have used my services 2,3,4 and even 5 times.  Without you guys, my business would not have been sustainable... I sincerely, Thank you!

Back in '99. When I launched my business as a Realtor, I understood the importance of being in a service industry and that is why I rolled out with my slogan; Positively Outrageous Service! ...and, I take that slogan very seriously.

I NEVER put MY Agenda ahead of my clients'.  My clients' goal is ALWAYS the priority.  I am not pushy or aggressive with my clients.  I listen to their needs and goals.  I believe in dialogue and an open line of communication.  Believe me, if I wasn't this way, I'd have closed quite a few more deals over the years.

I'm known for my honesty, integrity and the highest standards of quality service."  I answer my phone and I respond to texts and emails instantly.  Yes, I know,... that is rare here in Los Angeles.

On my web site, GreenEstateAgent.com, there are past client testimonials, the LA County market update - in a cool 60-second video, as well as other great information.   Please give it a look.

If you, or any friends or family, are looking for a great, full-service agent, ... or if you just want to just wish me a happy 20th Anniversary in RE, give me a call or text at 818-640-3400.   Or, you can drop me an email at RonS@realtor.com.   

I bring experience, professionalism and support to the table, and I don't pass my clients on to an assistant or have trainees hosting my open houses. I also attend all property inspections whether working with the buyers or sellers.  I'm your go-to-guy throughout the transaction and beyond.  Once again, thank you for your loyalty and continued referrals.

Lastly, please like, comment, share this video or subscribe to my channel.        Until next time.