Ron's Testimonials

I have used Ron on the Purchase/Sale of 3 different properties (5 transactions). There is no one else I would rather use. Ron is honest and has integrity. He becomes part of the family and makes you feel like this is not a job to him, but something he loves to do. He really cares about his clients.

- Adam W., Encino California (Seller, December 2018)

Ron Schwolsky was an excellent agent for our purchase of our new home. We had used him previously to sell our home, so we were familiar with his game plan, his work ethic (never stops), his experience in pricing, and his prompt responses to any and all questions. That was just his business skills. Ron is an even better human being. He was genuine from the start, got to know what my wants and needs were, never gave off a vibe that he was not interested in showing us a home, never too busy to answer questions, and gets along with kids! We would have worked with Ron just for his business savvy, but the cherry on top was him. All of those factors put together gave us a great experience. With his skills, we purchased our home about 30k less than original asking price. Who wouldn’t want that outcome? Thanks again Ron for all your hard work.
- Brian Takemoto, Montrose (Buyer, August 2018)

When my wife and I were looking to buy our first home, we had absolutely no experience with either house-hunting or real estate. After looking at a number of properties that didn’t meet our needs or desires, we realized that we could use some professional advice. One Saturday afternoon, hoping for some guidance, we decided to visit a Realtor on Ventura Boulevard. We realized that we might not have much luck on a weekend, but to our happy surprise, we actually found a lone agent toiling away at his desk. He introduced himself as Ron Schwolsky, and offered to help us in any way he could.

We soon learned that working on weekends was just one of Ron’s admirable qualities. He took the time to show us a number of houses in the area. Every step of the way, he was friendly, courteous and down-to-earth; he also demonstrated a thorough knowledge of both the area and our options. Although we still weren’t sure what we wanted, he was exceptionally understanding and told us to stay in touch if we wanted to see additional properties or if we needed any kind of help.

A few days later, we found the perfect place: a three-bedroom Spanish-style home with a tiled roof, hardwood floors, a swimming pool and a guest house. We knew immediately that it was exactly what we wanted. His assistance was nothing short of a godsend. Ron basically held our hands through every step of the process: making the initial bid; securing a credit report and preparing other important paperwork; negotiating the final sale price; conducting a house inspection; and, finally, signing our first mortgage. Throughout this arduous process, he demonstrated remarkable patience and honesty. He essentially told us we could call him anytime, day or night, which we did on several occasions. He never made us feel that we were imposing, or that our questions were ridiculous (which, in fact, some of them were). At the risk of forfeiting the commission, he even advised us to ask certain key questions during the house inspection – questions that exposed several potential problems that we never would have discovered on our own.

Happily, those problems were quickly resolved by the seller and we moved into our dream house, where we actually gave serious thought to building a small shrine in Ron’s honor. He was our guardian angel, and I truly feel that we never would have been able to complete the purchase of our home without his help and generosity.

Considering the ultra-competitive nature of LA’s current housing market, I would wholeheartedly encourage other home buyers to seek out Ron for advice and counsel – he is, quite simply, the best.

— Stephen Pizzello, Executive Editor, American Cinematographer magazine (Buyer)

As a first time buyer, Ron made my experience easy and enjoyable. He understood all of the issues in the Real Estate Marketplace, and had extensive knowledge of the communities I was looking to relocate to. Ron walked me through all of the steps associated with buying a property, and was always willing to give his honest opinion. In addition, he made himself available at all times including nights and weekends.

Ron has since helped me to purchase my second home this year.

— Adam J. Witten, Regional Executive (Western Region) at Ironshore Insurance.  (Buyer twice, Seller once)

Finding our family’s first home could not have been more important. However no one could have told me how difficult. While my husband wanted the seclusion of the hills, I wanted a neighborhood where I could borrow that cup of sugar every now and again. In addition to these very differing views, coming from the east coast suburbs where kids have flat, big yards to play in, and homes are maintained with a certain taste level and construction, Ron had his work cut out. Did I mention we had a budget! Did I mention how picky I am?"

Ron not only had enthusiasm for the challenge, but he had the determination and patience to find us the most perfect house. He searched and searched with us, weekend after weekend (for about a year I might add), never wavering in his commitment to us and finding the perfect space to both raise our family and to provide my husband that home in the hills – and on the private cul-de-sac for me – along with the flat piece of property with a pool for entertaining and the kids pleasure. I am convinced that the job of Realtor takes a very special and talented person. They must wear many hats; marriage counselor, banker and mortgage specialist, and also at times even decorator. Ron possesses all of the above and more. He is a warm and caring person who I am now proud to call friend.

— Tammy Leichter, Studio City (Buyer)

My husband, Loucas George and I have known Ron Schwolsky for over six years now. Most people do not have a relationship with their realtor for this length of time, but we have. It has been wonderful and our relationship continues, as we look for the perfect residence. My husband is a film and television producer and when we moved back to LA from New York City my husband met Ron and started working with him. We initially were looking for a home to rent . It was an arduous process since the market was pretty crazy back then.

Ron showed us over twenty homes. That is not an exaggeration. He was incredibly patient, and listened to our constant additions and subtractions of what we were looking for in a home. He had newlistings on a daily basis for us to look at and was always patient and understanding. He never wasted our time. This is what has kept us with Ron for so long. After all of our house hunting, we decided to buy the house we originally rented through Ron..Once again he handled it quickly and there was never an issue.  It was fantastic. 
To date, we are still in the same house and its value has more than doubled. We can’t thank Ron enough for his early insights. Although our house is very comfortable, we have always wanted more land. When we move again, it will be the last move...and with Ron.

— Kathy & Loucas George, Encino (Buyer)
I’m a realtor myself and could have sold my condo on my own THAT’S how much I trust Ron. Professional, reliable, and punctual, Ron will attend to your every need.

Ron tended to every detail, from the beginning of escrow to the end. He made sure that all inspections were handled on time, that the escrow company stuck to its schedule, and we even ended up closing several days early.  During negotiations, when things looked like they might get a little sticky, Ron fought for my interests and made sure that I got the price that I wanted. When you’re dealing in real estate, you want to know that the person in your corner is really in your corner.
His experience is vast, and in a city and industry that is as transient as this one, its nice to know that there are people who can be counted on to do one thing really well.

I wouldn’t hesitate an instant to recommend Ron to anybody who wanted to buy or sell their property, no matter what the size.

— Milton Papageorge (Seller)

This is just a few lines of appreciation for all that you did in helping me and my family purchase our first home. You made yourself available to my constant calls and walked me through the complicated and often stressful buying period like a true professional. You are a real diamond, and I will be referring you to my friends. And when we are ready to sell and buy our next bigger home, you will be getting my call.  
Cheers mate and thanks a million.

— "Stormin" Norman Clarke (Buyer)
I was very pleased with the service I received from Ron Schwolsky. He laid out a very thorough plan to market and sell my home. He worked with me and made sure I received the price that I was asking for. He secured a qualified buyer and continued to walk me through the rest of the real estate process. His attention to detail was priceless and he made the process of selling my home effortless. Thank you!

— Daniel Piumpunyalerd (Seller)
Ron, I wish that I had your newsletter sent to me way before I decided to buy a house and then sell it! You gave me so much information when we met, but after I started recieving your monthly newsletters I realized how much most people don’t know when they start thinking of buying or selling a home. There is a great variety of subjects and very easy to understand. I will continue to read your letter as long as you send it, and of course when I am ready to buy another home, you will be my first call!

— Laurie B. (Seller)
Ron, I want to thank you for a great real estate experience. From the onset of our first meeting to discuss the sale of my condo, you were both friendly and professional. You covered all the bases with regards to the sale. You had all the information a prospective seller could have wanted and consequently, I could feel at ease.

Your expertise and your timely resolution of any and all of my concerns was unbelievable. There was never a time when I felt left "out there" to fend for my self. As everyone knows, selling or buying a property can be overwhelming. You were sensitive to my needs, you reassured me when I needed to be reassured when making very important decisions around my sale.

Overall, the one word that comes to mind with regards to my dealings with you is trust. A rare commodity in today’s competitive market.
Thank you Ron for helping me make this crucial transition in my life a great one.

— Tobias Maxwell, MS, MFT (Seller)
I just wanted to write a letter to you expressing my appreciation for all of Ron Schwolsky’s help and hard work. I was very pleased with his knowledge, patience and positive attitude, which led me to find the right home for me. I am a first time buyer who knew nothing about buying property and Ron helped me see that it was not so scary. It was more like working with a friend than a complete stranger. I was relieved to find that there were no unfortunate surprises when I signed the paper work. I would be glad to refer anybody to Ron. Thank you again.

— Tammy Rouah, Woodland Hills (Buyer)

Ron helped me find the type of house I was looking for in the neighborhood I was hoping to find one in. We got our offer in the same day that it was put on the market and shown as part of the Broker’s Open. The next day there were two other offers on the property but because Ron stayed late and put in the offer that night, our offer was accepted before the others. Before the sale Ron was regularly sending me new properties coming onto the market. All the way through the sale he was available to answer my questions and deal with the tardy seller. If you are looking for a realtor who will do an all-around great job, give Ron Schwolsky a call.

— Steve Bell (Buyer twice, Seller once)

I'm so happy to write a recommendation for Ron Schwolsky. Ron had been keeping an eye out for a 2 bedroom condo in the building where I currently live, for a couple of years - talk about dedication! In June, he called on a Friday, got me in that Saturday (before the Open House), I made an offer on Sunday, and it was accepted that night! 48 hours!

Throughout the process, Ron was pro-active, professional, available, and patient. I trusted him to not only secure the home that I'd immediately fallen in love with, but to see me through the entire maddening escrow process. I again witnessed Ron's expertise and confidence when it came to negotiation. He guided me wisely, contained the anxiety that comes with buying property, and was genuinely happy for me when we closed. It's with wholehearted appreciation and enthusiasm that I recommend Ron as an outstanding realtor.

-Shelley Fine (Buyer)
Buying a home for a first time can be a treacherous task for anyone. My recent purchase with Ron Schwolsky was a second home for me and it proved to be more of a challenge that was fortunately eased with Ron’s expertise and professionalism. When I started to look for my home, I found Ron on a site that recommended him as one of top realtors in the area. I was a little skeptical but called him none the less. Since our first conversation he was very professional and courteous about the process and his demeanor about dealing with people, and I was quite assured of his diligence in the process.

Soon after our conversation we’ve located a property and put in an offer. It was quickly realized that the realtor on a seller side, was not as timely or motivated to see the deal through. Felt like I’ve lost a home that I had high hopes for. Few days later Ron called me up and confirmed that he has got through and got the deal for me, showing me that his perseverance recovered the property I’ve desired.
Seemingly getting the deal was half the battle. Soon after we signed a contract, I started to see the slack demonstrated once again by the seller’s realtor. However, this is where my agent’s expertise came in and made things easier to deal with. From home inspections, to corrections to contracts and various paperwork, Ron was there to guide me and educate me to make this an easier and beneficial transaction for me.

I would recommend Mr. Schwolsky to anyone buying a property or considering testing the market. His monthly updates and articles about real estate are beneficial even to those currently owning property. Although I would not buy another property for another few years, I will suggest this agent to my friends and colleagues looking for someone to guide them through the already stressful process.
Thank you Ron,

Yuriy Inochkin (Buyer)
Ron was an absolute pleasure to work with!   He’s very knowledgeable of the area and gives great tips on location and things to look for and anything that might affect resale value.  He’s also very aware of the fair market price and really good in negotiations.  He’s also always on time and very responsive to emails and phone calls.  We worked with another agent before Ron and I would highly recommend working with him.

- Xiaojia Wu (Diamond Bar, Buyer)
Ron Schwolsky was very knowledgeable of the area and quickly assessed a good asking price.  Once we talked about the sale of the house he was off and running and saw the sale through from beginning to the end.  While I’m sure Ron had other sales going on we always felt like we were receiving his undivided attention.  His communication was excellent and his expertise was top notch.  We felt he was available 24/7 for questions.  Ron even offered us advice in the purchase of another property that he was not handling.  We would highly recommend Ron Schwolsky if you are purchasing or selling your home.

- Robert M., El Monte, CA (Seller)
We gave Ron a challenging home to sell. He stayed with it, tried new ideas, gave us feedback and ultimately got the deal done. I would happily refer Ron to anyone.

- Charles Simons, Redondo Beach – May 2016 (Seller)

When it seemed unlikely that our dream home existed, Ron continued to present viable homes and remained positive. His excellent knowledge of the market, sense of urgency and unparalleled follow thru made working with him a pleasure each & every time.

I would highly recommend him (and have) to anyone looking for a smooth and professional outcome; plus he's a pretty great guy. 

Tamera Leichter-Studio City  (Seller, Second Transaction with Ron)  – August 2016

"Ron is the best broker I've met!  Very responsible, patient...
He always give me a hand for everything of property, even after close of transaction.
He is so professional, give me many important suggestion for buying."

XIN SHI  – Pasadena (Buyer) August 2016

Ron sold my house in Reseda with professionalism. An attentive and very thorough agent. Experienced and well versed so that you're never left in the dark. I would highly recommend his expertise.

- Henry Fan (Seller)

My wife and I were looking to purchase our first home. Ron went the extra mile by looking in areas that we hadn't even thought of. The result? We bought a home with 700 sq. ft. more than we had hoped for in a great neighborhood. That was 13 years ago and we'll use Ron's services again if and when we sell.  

-Ed Fernandes, Granada Hills

Ron Schwolsky has been my go to realtor for all my real estate needs and I always recommend him to family and friends in need of great, solid help with their houses and/or property. I've known him for over 20 years. He helped purchase and sell my dad's co-op, purchase and sell my sister's house, rent and then sell my neighbor's house and more. He'll be my first call the next time I want information in real estate or the area. He's always willing to help. Oh, he's also an expert in being green too and done amazing work making his own houses green so he can know first hand how that saves money and helps the environment.

-Xochi Blymyer, North Hollywood (Seller)

Ron helped us in purchasing our first home in LA. As first time home buyers, Ron walked us through every step of the way. It was a great pleasure having him as our agent, highly recommend to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

- Alice Ju, Diamond Bar (Buyer)

As an Architectural Photographer who has worked along side Ron, I can say without hesitation that he is truly one of the best realtors I know. His hard work, dedication, integrity, and ability to listen and hear his clients needs are unsurpassed. He is indisputably one of the most genuine and thoughtful people I know. Recommending him to potential clients is something I do without any hesitation whatsoever.

- Brian H, Monrovia

The sale of our home with Ron could not have been smoother. We had seven offers the first week and five were higher than our asking price. Throughout the listing and selling process, Ron was consistently proactive and ahead of the curve in anticipating deadlines and making sure all parties were hitting their marks. We felt like Ron was actually working to earn his commission by insightfully understanding what might generate stress for us and skilfully defusing any problems with the smooth closing of the sale. He never had us jumping through any unnecessary hoops like excessive staging, and it was always fun to interact with him.

 – Mary and Larry Monrovia (Sellers, March 2017)

Being 27 years old and first time home buyer, I was very nervous and scared about buying a home. I have nothing but great things to say about Ron. He listened to my needs and was able to provide me with houses that were in the area I wanted and within my budget. I highly value his honesty and experience. We found the perfect house for my fiance and I on the first day I met him. I followed his advice and recommendations and the sellers accepted our offer right away. He explained all the documents I was signing in a way I was able to understand. If I ever needed anything, Ron was a text or phone call away. He quickly became someone I knew I could depend on. His professionalism and communication is outstanding. I truly feel that he wants what is best for his client and he will fight for his client. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ron!

- Bianca Smith, Covina (Buyer, June 2017)

Going into the sale, Ron and myself had a good strategy. We stuck to it, And with good communication this has been a smooth transaction. Everything went according to the plan. Closed on the sale when anticipated without delay. Ron did a great job! Thank you.

- Yura in North Hollywood (Seller, September 2017)

When I was in the market to buy a home, I had the great good fortune of running into Ron at an open house.  I was sure of what I didn’t want, and Ron listened, never trying to sell me.  I so appreciated that, as it was my first home buying experience.  He was calm, answered all my questions, and by listening, so important, found me the home I have been happily living in for the past 17 years. By the time I met Ron I had the experience of a few other realtors who had approached me with an overly cheery up sell which was a big turnoff.  Ron’s honest approach, as well as his humor, in what could have been a very stressful situation, was SO refreshing.  And as I said, Ron found me the place I so gratefully call Home!  If I ever need to buy again, I would go to Ron, without hesitation!  And I mean it!
- Cathy H, Sherman Oaks (Buyer, September 2000)
Ron is very kind and knowledgeable. We are lucky to find him as our agent and will definitely recommend him to other friends and family.  He helped us negotiated a good purchase price and looked out for us throughout the whole process and made sure we were not being over charged or anything.  Ron is super friendly and accommodating. It was really easy to work with him. And we felt very confident that he's looking out for us every step.  Couldn't find a better agent.

- Cynthia Li, Van Nuys (Buyer, December 2017)

He was the best! He helped guide us every step of the way, and always had our backs.  Ron was extremely helpful, and we couldn’t have done it without him! His communication was impeccable, and always kept us in the loop. We would highly, highly recommend working with Ron!

-Kelley & Patrick R, Glendora  (Buyer, February 2018)

Ron always told me:  “Trust me, I will fight for you.”  Yes, he did it and he made it. Ron never let me down.  I am really appreciate Ron and I really like the house which is Ron fought for me.

- Emma Ma, San Dimas (Buyer, May 2018)

He is accessible and helpful for questions.  Mr. Ron Schwolsky was there when we had appointment, exactly at the time we agreed to meet. Mr. Schwolsky answered my calls on time as well as my e-mails.  I will recommend Mr. Schwolsky for being responsible and friendly Real Estate agent.
 – Luis E. Castillo, Los Angeles, CA (Buyer Fourplex, May 2018)

Ron is very knowledgeable, professional, responsible and quick response realtor. He guided us through every step in buying our first home and made sure we understand all the details during transaction. He made us feel comfortable and easy during the whole buying process as a first time home buyer. We glad to have chosen him as our realtor and would highly recommend to other friends and family in the future.

- My Luc, La Puente (Buyer, June 2018)

We met Ron Schwolsky at an open house while he was representing another agent and doing the showing for them. From the time we met him, we knew Ron Schwolsky was the perfect agent for us. He really got to know us and showed that truly did care about his potential clients. As a first time seller, he guided us through the entire process without any issues. He was very knowledgeable of the whole process and took the time to explain things when needed. He was very quick in his responses to our questions and quick in responding to the buyers agent. He was very strategic in his planning for the sale of our home from using social media, flyers, photos and going to meetings within other cities and letting other agents know that our home was coming on the market. He informed us of his strategy prior to  implementing so that we were all on the same page. He is very patient and understanding of this business, so whether you are a first time seller, first time buyer or anything in between, Ron has a game plan. He explained his thought process very well and we appreciated his professionalism during this process. Ron also was very helpful in keeping the communication open between escrow and was quick to  respond to them to make sure there was no issues or delays.
Our original plan was to sell our home and look to buy in a year, but we liked Ron and his work ethic so much that we decided to try to look for a home to purchase. As it turns out, we are currently in escrow for the purchase of a home.

Thank You Ron!  We recommend Ron to all.
- Brian & Mieko in Duarte, CA (Sellers, July 2018)
Ron was always there to help when I needed it. Could not have done it without his help.  Ron made sure everything went smoothly and there were no problems.  I will be using Century 21 when I buy my replacement house.  I trust Ron and will tell my friends if they plan to sell their house to call Ron.
- Stan Johnson, Bellflower, CA (Seller, August 2018)

My husband had a prior relationship with Ron, and it was an easy decision to use him again.

- Stacey W., Encino, CA (Buyer, November 2018)

I was surprised how Ron helped me with all the process despite he was referred from the 3rd party website.  I'd definitely ask Ron for my other property purchase and recommend to my friend and family.
- Heather Lee,  Los Angeles (Buyer, July 2019)